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Our Services

We work with different distinguished companies and we get great feedback from our customers for our quality work.We use stainless materials that lengthen the durability of our finishing workings.


our services
Providing all kinds of Aluminum and finishing worker services.
Curtail Wall and Cladding Wall Finishing
We do customized curtail and cladding finishing with materials that have greater flexibility, which allows it to be bent to shape more easily.For your commercial other buildings we at this point to work the curtail and cladding finishing designed to span multiple floors, taking into consideration design requirements such as thermal expansion and contraction; building sway and movement; water diversion; and thermal efficiency for cost-effective heating, cooling, and lighting in the building.
Door and Window
We work with skilled finishing workers by way of great experience for your attractive door and window. The life of your window or depends on the greatness of the finishing work applied on. Whether you are assuming for living or sale, your door and window’s aesthetics is imperative. We add you a vibrant, appropriate feature and welcoming look to your window and doors.
Handrail and Guardrail Work
For you handhold on the steps of your building, we offer the appropriate materials and we work on it with strong materials.Safety, Stability, and support for everybody in the building. We work with a great and sustainable structural standard.
Dome'l Skylight
Have a worry-free and impressive skylight appropriate for your home, residential,and any other building. Our professional installers review the job site condition and customize it.Every step of our work is inspected to assure all skylights meet strict standards for exceptional performance and unmatched aesthetic appeal.
Partition With Different Varieties Such as Glass and Aluminum
We have movable & removable and solid full-height module partition with a high level of finish with the floor and the possibility of adding decorative touches.Let’s work on customizable horizontal and vertical aluminum and glass frames with different thickness based on your interesting your home, office and so on.Have extraordinary finishes with exclusive attractive colors for a stylish and contemporary look. We use quality materials that almost don’t need maintenance and have a long-term presence.
Aluminum Manufacturing With an Order
Considering the quality standards important to manufacture aluminum, we can create aluminum products based on your orders.
For your industrial or non-industrial purpose, you can order us and we do with the appropriate grading, excellent strength, weight, and ratio.